First nursery

It was a very little course, with a very very little pen.
So if you was lucky your shep wanted to go in the pen, but with some preassure from the dogs, no thanks.

Craig is watching.

Our dogs was to much for these sheep on this small course. They run well but couldn’t pen.
the only one of us doing something was Alex and Lass, they ended up as fifth and did very well.

Judge, D Campbell
1.Peter Martin/Jen 86
2.Ian Brownlie/Spike 86
3.Kathy Freeman/Bob 84
4.Alan Sims/Jazz 80
5.Alex Fyhr/Lass 80
6.David Kinloch/Nell 80
7.Stuart McFarland/Blake 79
8.Lotta Magnusson/Kate 72
9.D Gallbraith/Mirk 71
10.Mosse Magnusson/Nell 70

Next trial is at our farm the 15 Dec.

Lass is prodly looking over the view.

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