5th Nursery trial!

Saturdays nursery trial was the 5th in order of 8 if the weather are with us.
This trials host was A Sims and we run on mule hoggs.
The sheeeeeep (Andy???)was good and a very nice course.

Judge C Maitner Gardner. (not sure of the spelling)

1.Peter Martin/Jen 90
2.I.Brownlie/Spike 89
3.L.Magnusson/Kate 85
4.D.Kinloch/Nell 81
5.D.Galbraith/Mirk 76
6.A.Sim/Jess 74
7.A.Carnegie/Tess 71
8.M.Magnusson/Nell 68
9.L.Magnusson/Maid 64
10.M.Watt/Bob 61

The Team so far.
1.P.Martin/Jen 45
2.I.Brownlie/Spike 37,5
3.D.Galbraith/Mirk 25,5
4.D.Kinloch/Nell 23,5
5.M.Magnusson/Nell 22
6.L.Magnisson/kate/Maid 18

Next weekend will be two trials if the weather permit.



P.Martin at the pen


Lotta at the pen.

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