7th nurserytrial.

Balleave Farm Kinross 10 feb 2013.
Host Dave Mullan.


The sheep was texelcross and mule hoggs, they are tricky to handle and tricky to pen, but they behaved well.

Judge Alan Wilkie.


1.M.Magnusson/Nell 79
2.M.Magnusson/Tim 78
3.I.Brownlie/Spike 68
4.A.Fyhr/Lass 65
5.D.Kinloch/Nell 61
6.M.Watt/Bob 59
7.L.Magnusson/Kate 58
8.L.Magnusson/Maid 57
9.D.Galbraith/Mirk 54
10.B.Alexander/Jess 49


The Team after 7 trials.
1.P.Martin/Jen 52
2.I.Brownlie/Spike 51.5
3.D.Kinloch/Nell 37.5
4.M.Magnusson/Nell 33
5.D.Galbraith/Mirk 30.5
reserv L.Magnusson/Kate 27


The last trial is the 16 feb is in Drummen (McDougal/McAllister)




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