Last Nursery.

The last nursery trial, before the Scotish Nursery Final down in Dalrymple, Ayrshire.

Todays trial was on blackis hoggs, host Walter McAllister in Drymen.
Good but tricky sheep and a very nice trialfield. Only 4 finished the course.


Todays judge R.MacDiarmid.
The Results:
1.D.Kinloch/Nell 76
2.P.Martin/Jen 74
3.L.Magnusson/Kate 74
4.A.Fyhr/Lass 61
5.M.Magnusson/Nell 55
6.A.Sim/Jazz 52
7.M.Magnusson/Tim 49
8.A.Carnegie/Tess 47
9.J.Hastie/June 41
10.K.Freeman/Bob 36


The Central Team.
1.P.Martin/Jen 61
2.I.Brownlie/Spike 51.5
3.D.Kinloch/Nell 47.5
4.M.Magnusson/Nell 40
5.L.Magnusson/Kate 35
Reserv. L.Magnusson/Maid


Teamcaptain P.Martin/Jen

Alex did a very good nurseryserie, she was placed on many off them and she won the novice trophy.


Very well done Alex!!!!

Opens, here we come!!!!!!


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