First Open.

Inverness 16 march.

We had a very good start of the season at Inverness SDT.
It was many who was keen to start there dogs on the first Open Trial this year. 75 starters!!
The sheep was blackis hoogs and they was very good, tricky but fair.

Judge; Alan McDonald.

1. M.Magnusson/Jim 98
2. L.Magnusson/Net 97
3. A.Carnegie/Tess 96
4. D.Campbell/Cap 94
5. J.McKillop/Joe 93
6. H.McLean/Roy 93
7. H.McLean/Dan 93
8. H.Johnstone/? 90

Our nursery dogs went well, Kate had a finished run on very tricky sheep and handled them well. Nell walked really nice with her sheep but was timed out at the shut.

Andy and Duncan Campbell got their first points on ther nurserydogs.

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