Dit and dat

We still have a terrible winter, snowstorm for a couple of days again.


So just now, feeding sheep, not so much dog training.
But soon we will be on the training again.
Lottas nurserybitch Maid (Jim-Bet) have gone to Norway and we hope she will be succesful there, Lotta miss her !!!!!!
We have two young ones here with the same comb, Maddy and Glen, both looks promesing.

Nell is mated with Jim, we hope that could be an interesting comb.
She have started her first Open, did very well, I let her walk the sheep alittle to slow, so we was timed out at the pen, but very pleased with her.

Nell will be mated on her next season.

Nell. Alex won a competition “Farmdogs” in the magazin Farming Country with this picture, she’s so good our little girl !!!!

We have also mated one of Lottas main bitches, Mel, also with Jim. Last time we used Davey on her and that gave us Kate, a lovely young bitch, she will stay here on the farm and run in the Opens this year. Mel goes back to our old breeding, her father is my old Mac (Swedish Champion 2000) he go back to Jonny Wilsons Spot.

Both Nell, Mel and Jim is DNA Normal.


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