Cashlie 6 april 2013.

2013-04-06 11.17.04

Judge K Freeman
1.P.Martin/? 87
2.I.Brownlie/Gus 86
3.L.Magnusson/Kate 85
4.M.Caul/? 82
5.A.Watson/Jake 82
6.S.Grant/? 79

Lottas nurserybitch Kate (Mel-Davey) took her first points for the National, she run really well.
Jim and Nell work well on wild sheep.
Davey and Net missed à gate and ret.


Björn o Lotta Mattsson was are first guests in our cottage.
They was here with four dogs to train.
Björn tryed his Luck at Cashlie and Did really well, he had finished runs with both his dogs.


Lotta was watching.


We met this fellow on our way home.

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