Isle of Man

Sunday Final was a doublefetch with an International Shed.
20 shep and full course.
16 dogs was qualified, 5 handlers had two dogs eatch.
It was very hot, so togheter with the course and the sheep, it was a very good test.
The sheep was very very good.



Judges A.Blackmore and V.Powell.
1.Mosse Magnusson/Davey
2.Nigel Watkins/Meg
3.Tom Lawrenson/Max
4.Kevin Evans/Jimmy
5.Kevin Evans/Greg
6.Mosse Magnusson/Jim
7.Aled Owen/Gypsi
8.Paul Tomkins/Arnie
9.Jock Welsh/Sam
10.Jim Cropper/Nid
11.Nigel Watkins/Jodie
12.Jock Welsh/Will
Allister Lyttle/Roy/Spot Ret
Shirlie Cropper Tess Ret
Richard Crowe ? Ret


Davey had an outstanding run, he did everything really well, so proud of him.
Jim also had a very good run, but handling error, so I missed one of the fetch gates with him, sorry Jim.

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  1. Eva says:

    Många grattis!

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