Scottish National 2013

This years national was a perfect arranged one.
Ian and Margareth Wilkie with crew did a fantastic job with everything.
Very very good sheep, very very good course. All people say it was the best national they ever. Big Thanks !!

The Team


Scottish Champion.
Michael Shearer/Jim 198
2.Ian Brownlie/Gus 196
3.Michael Shearer/Bob 194
4.Mosse Magnusson/Jim 194
5.Mosse Magnusson/Davey 191
6.Ian Brownlie/Mo 190
7.Frazer Shennan/ Fizz 189
8.Niel Gillon/Bhoy 188
9.Peter Martin/Jill 188
10.Jock Welsh/Sam 187
11.Norman MacDonald/Jake 187
12.A Emmerson/Midge 186
13.Hamish MacLean/Roy 182
14.Colin Armstrong/Mirk 181
15.C Toner/Sam 181
Reserv P Martin/Jen 181

I was very pleased with Jim and Davey.


Both are now qualifyed for International in sept and are representing Scottland at the World Trial next year.

Brace Champion
Julie Hill/Mac and Ban
Congrats Julie !!!!


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2 Responses to Scottish National 2013

  1. alexhundar says:

    Congrats!!! Värsta roligt att få se er tävla WT nästa år! 🙂

  2. Lisbeth says:

    Jättegrattis !!! Lycka till på de stora tävlingarna 🙂

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