Supreme tomorrow.

The top 15 runs over the two days of qualifying trials compete in the International Supreme Championship on Sunday.
They run in the original catalogue order.The official list also includes Aled Owen with Gypsy running first.
T3 C Toner (S) GRAHAMS SAM 361
T8 D K Evans (W) GREG 361
T10 A P Gallagher (I) JIMMY 357
T17 T W Longton (E) TOT 364
T21 T Longton (E) BOB 340
T24 M LL Evans (W) SHEP 392
T30 S Long (I) MOSS 340
T32 D M Howells (W) JAIMIE 353
T36 I LL Evans (W) JESS 380
T39 I M Brownlie (S) MO 375
T40 T A Davies (W) MOEL FLOSS 342
T44 L N Watkins (W) JODY 389
T47 C M Magnusson (S) LLANFARIAN JIM 385
T54 C McGarry (I) MEGAN 357
T59 M C Shearer (S) JIM 377

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