Craighead Farm Nursery

The fourth nursery was held at Neil Campbell place, Craighead Farm.
A very nice uphill course and good blackis hogs.
The hogs was really good in the morning, a little more testing in the afternoon.

Judge John Allan.
1. N.Campbell/Jim 86
2. A.Carnegie/Jess 85
3. D.Kinloch/Nell 84
4. P.Martin/Mo 80
5. A.Wilkie/Nell 80
6. A.Wilkie/Roy 78
7. L.Magnusson/Tess 77
8. S.McFarlane/Glen 75
9. D.Mullen/Joe 72
10. J.Hastie/Cree 69

The team after 4 trials.
N.Campbell/Jim 32
J.Hastie/Cree 27
M.Magnusson/Moss 26
P.Martin/Mo 23,5
A.Carnegie/Jess 21
reserve D.Kinloch/18,5

Both Tess and Moss run well, Tess had diff to get the shed and was timed out there, Moss had problem with a hogg all the way around the course, handled it well, but in the shute she beat him and we was timed out.
Better luck next trial we hope.

Next trial is here on the farm the 21 dec.
The postcode is PH11 8HL

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