Last Nursery Trial.

Crietyhall Drymen. 8 feb 2014.

The last nursery trial this year was held at Walter McAlister and John Dougels Blacface hoggs, they were wild but fair.

Duncan Campbell was judging.
1.N.Campbell/Jim 90
2.A.Wilkie/Roy 89
3.M.Magnusson/Moss 82
4.A.Carnegie/Jess 74
5.D.Kinloch/Nell 61
6.A.McKenzie/Bhoy 61
7.I.Brownlie/Star 61
8.P.Martin/Mo 59
9.L.Magnusson/Tess 59
10.J.Hastie/Cree 53

What´s happened with the Team was that Alan Wilkie with Roy put Peter Martin out of the Team.


Alan Wilkie with Roy (full brother to our Kyle)

Niel Campbell had another winn and ended up as Team captain.
Me and Moss was runnerup.




The Team. Mosse, Alan Wilkie, Teamcaptain Niel Campbell, sir Andrew, Peter Martin and David Kinloch.

The Team
N.Campbell/Jim 59
M.Magnusson/Moss 49
A.Carnegie/Jess 47
D.Kinloch/Nell 41
A.Wilkie/Roy 40
Reserv P.Martin/Mo

The Nursery Final i the 1th of March Gillespie Farm Glenluce DG80JU

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