Alan Wilkie sending Roy.

Scottish nursery final results
1st G Simpson Dash 90
2nd Stuart McCrindle mollie 86
3rd Neil Campbell jim 82
4th D Henderson chip 81
5th R Middleton will 79
6th A Carnegie jess 78
7th A mundell Jim 77 old
8th M Magnusson moss 77
9th I Fergie jake 71 olf
10th J Hill Ruby 71

The final was held on Blackface hoggs, they was tricky and fast.
Congrats to George Simson with Dash, they had a really good run, steady and with a good flow.

The winner, George Simson with Dash.

Moss was ok, he was a little to sharp and fast in his flanks for this sheep, but he handled it well, hold the sheep well at the pen for me, until we get the chans to close the gate.

Bobby Hendersons Tweed (Myllin Davey-CMMs Net)

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