Invergarry SDT

As usual, a very nice trial at Invergarry.
Three cheviot hoggs and a very nice weather, did the day prefect.
They was very well behaved round the course, but very difficult to get through the chute.

Mike McNally and his team did a great job as usual.

Judge Adam Simson.
1.S.Davidson/Jack 96
2.M.Magnusson/Davey 93
3.P.Martin/Jill 91
4.M.McNally/Finn 88
5.M.McNally/Carl 87

Davey doing his job.

I also run my nursery dog Moss, I was very pleased with him but we couldn’t like many other get the through the chute.
Lotta run Kate, the first time out after the pups, she was keen and need some training now.

Not easy!!!

Next Saturday are we going to Steven Martins trial.

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