Luss SDT

Luss SDT 7th of may 2014.

Duncan Robertson put up a very nice trial as usual. The sheep was really good, nearly like”swedish” sheep.


The tricky part of this trial is the outrun, nearly 1/3 of the dogs crossed on the outrun.

Judge Alan Wilkie.


1.M.Magnusson/Davey 106/110
2.J.Templeton/Spot 99
3.I.McCall/Fly 99
4.L.Magnusson/Kate 97
5.N.McKechran/Cloe 96
6.D.Campbell/Suzie 95
7.N.McVicar/Podge 94

Davey won this trial last year also, he was good with this sheep, only lost 4 point on the course.
Kate did a great job, missed one sheep on the cross drive gate, the rest was really good and she ended up forth.



I ran Moss early in the morning, had to give him two whistle on the outrun, he took them well and com out nice to the sheep, the rest of the course he did really well, he´s coming on fine. Jim run well, but I missed the cross drive gate and walked of.


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