Glendevon Double lift SDT

Saturday 21 june. Glendevon double lift SDT.
Niel Campbell put on a very nice double lifts trial at Tillyochie Kinross.
It´s really nice to try some double fetch trials, we need more of them.

A lots of dogs had problem to hear in the two fetches, on the second fetch the dogs couldn’t  see the sheep, so some had problems with that.

Judge (one of this years National judges) Mr Kenny Wood.
1.A.Carnegie/Don 128
2.K.Donald/Nell 126
3.A.Wilkie/Roy 122
4.C.Davidson/Cap 121
5.N.Campbell/Cass 119
6.M.Magnusson/Davey 116

Both Jim and Davey was clean on the turn back, that was nice to see. Jim was bad at the fetch, didn’t listen at all. Davey was ok.
Kate and Net needed extra whistles on the second outrun.

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