Isle of Man Final

The final looks easy, BUT the sheep gave the handlers and dogs a lot of problems.
A double gather with 5 sheep in each group, a long drive, the cross was close to 200 m and with a third long leg with heavy draw to the pen.
5 collared sheep to shed of and take to the pen.


Isle of Man results
1 Ian Brownlie 302 Scotland
2 Mosse Magnusson 295 Scotland
3 James McGee 285 Ireland
4 Nigel Watkins 278 Wales
5 Mosse Magnusson Scotland
6 Kevin Evans 273 Wales
7 Nij Vyas 268 England
8 Jim Cropper 268 England
9 Kevin Evans 260 Wales
10 Aled Owen 251 Wales
11 Ben Smith 215 England
12 D Henderson 193 Scotland
Retired: Jock Welsh-Paul Tompkins -Richard Hutchinson -Arwyn Davies

the trial field.



Nr 1 and 2


Mrs Brownlie and Mr NcVicar



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