Scottish National 2014

Scottish National 2014
The sheep was texel and suffolk cross gimmers. Not easy at all to handle.
The second days afternoon come heavy rain and thunder, bad luck for the competitor at they time.


Scottish National Team 2014


Congrats to The Scottish Champion 2014 Julie Hill with Bahn.



Julie and Bobby, happy smiling !!!
Judge was K.Wood and B.Elliot.
The result and the Scottish Team for International on Ireland.
Teamcaptain and Scottish National Champion is
Julie Hill /Bahn 209
2.I.Brownlie/Mo 206
3.S.Davidson/Queen 198
4.M.Magnusson/Davey 197
5.J.McKillop/Kep 193
6.N.Gillon/Bhoy 191
7.A.Mundell/Taff 190
8.D.Wallace/Jean 189
9.J.McKillop/Joe 186
10.M.Shearer/Jim 184
11.J.Templeton/Ben 181
12.F.Shennan/Mia 181
13.N.Gillon/Sweep 180
14.E.Foster/Moss 179
15.S.Davidson/Jack 179
Reserv J.Hill/Mac 179


J.McKillop had two dogs in to the team, Happy boys !!!!

Davey run really well, had a tricky ewe, she give us some problems and special at the pen, she was testing us. I´m proud of him.

Jim was out of form, didn’t perform what I expected, outside the team, 172 p and around 20th place.

Kate run well, but the sheep didn’t like her, she had some stop on the run and was timed out at the singel, 149 p.

Net run well up to the sheed, one ewe didn’t like her and attacked her and Lotta retiered.

The outrun coast many dogs problem and was tricky.

All our dogs run out well and that was really nice to see.

Next big trial is World Trial up in north of Scottland. Jim and Davey will run there.
The weekend after we are going to International on Ireland and Davey shall represent Scottland there, so a busy september.


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