Andys nursery trial

First nursery trial was at Carnegies farm. We run on 5 blackface, they was good but not easy to get throw the shute.

IMG_3184.JPG Judge R MacDiarmid. 1.L.Magnusson/Kiz 83 2.M.Magnusson/Rob 82 3.L.Magnusson/Sal 81 4.P.Martin/Mo 79 5.I.Brownlie/Hutch 78 6.A.Carnegie/Rook 68 7.M.Magnusson/Turbo 63 8.M.Watt/Craig 60 9.J.Menzies/Belmund Jess 46 10.J.Hastie/Pudsey 41 Novis. 1.B.Kingar/Roy 65



Sal (Davey-Net) Nr 3 today


Fuck!!!! I should never have sold that bitch to her. (Kiz nr 1 today)


I discuss the recipe to that lovely soup Joyce made.


Rob (Davey-Net) nr 2 today

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