Craighead Farm

Niel campbells nursery trial was held on 4 Blackis hoggs and they was testing but good.


Judge was Bert Alexander.
1.A.Carnegie/Rook 87
2.I.Brownlie/Hutch 84
3.J.Menzies/Baledmund Jess 80
4.P.Martin/Mo 77
5.I.Brownlie/Tess 74
6.L.Magnusson/Kiz 71
7.J.Angus/Fly 70
8.M.Watt/Craig 70
9.A.Sim/Bree 68
10.M.Magnusson/Rob 66

The Team after 4 trials
P.Martin/Mo 34
A.Carnegie/Rook 32
L.Magnusson/kiz 29,5
I.Brownle/Hutch 23,5
M.Magnusson/Rob 22,5
Reserv Lotta/Sal 17

Next trial at ardormie farm next saturday 20 dec
Postcode PH11 8HL

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2 Responses to Craighead Farm

  1. Barbro says:

    We are one our way- helping you with the soup.

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