Parks of Aldie

A very nice day at A.Sims nursery trial. The sheep was tricky and it was a big course.

Judge Dave Mullen.

1.A.Carnegie/Rook 81
2.A.Sim/Bree 81
3.M.Magnusson/Rob 80
4.J.Hastie/Pudsey 74
5.L.Magnusson/Kiz 70
6.J.Menzies/Baledmund Jess 70
7.I.Brownlie/Hutch 67
8.I.Brownlie/Tess 65
9.P.Martin/Mo 63
10.D.Kinloch/Jen 59

The Team after Seven trials.
A.Carnegie/Rook 56
L.Magnusson/Kiz 53
P.Martin/Mo 52,5
M.Magnusson/Rob 31,5
I.Brownlie/Hutch 31,5
Reserv A.Sim/Bree 28,5

The winner Of the novis class was
Caroline Joelsson/Patch 68

Only one trial left and it’s on the 14th of feb.

Scottish Nursery Final on the 7th of march

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