Drymen nursery

Drymen nursery was the last trial for the season. The blackis hoggs was really good and the course is big and very nice.
Thanks to Waltie McAlistair ang John McDougle

Judge N.Mcvicar.
1.P.Martin/Mo 82
2.M.Magnusson/Tweed 77
3.A.Sim/Bree 76
4.A.Carnegie/Linburn Rook 75
5.L.Magnusson/Kiz 73
6.J.McDougle/Cap 72
7.L.Magnusson/Sal 65
8.I.Brownlie/Tess 63
9.J.Mezies/Baledmund Jess 61
10.M.Magnusson/Rob 57

The Team for the nursery final
Teamcapten A.Carnegie/Linburn Rook
Peter Martin/Mo
Lotta Magnusson/Kiz
Alan Sim/Bree
Mosse Magnusson/Rob
Reserv Lotta Magnusson/Sal

Winner of the novice
Caroline Joelsson/Patch.


The Team.




Teamcapten Andy


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