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Airtnoch SDT 

John Templetons sheepdogtrial. Good sheep if you handled them careful.  Judge W.Cook 1.W.Welsh/Sam 95 2.S.Davidson/Queen 94 3.A.Mundell/Taff 93 4.M.Magnusson/Davey 91 5.A.Kennedy/Mirk 91 6.M.Magnusson/Moss 89 7.N.Gillon/Sweep 88 8.L.Magnusson/Kiz 87

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Blairgowrie SDT.

Blairgowrie SDT  Judge A.Cameron 1.S.Davidson/Queen 96 2.J.Welsh/Cree 94 3.L.Magnusson/Kate 94 4.N.Campbell/Cass 93 5.S.McFarlane/Blake 93 6.J.Hastie/Cree 93

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Glen Devon double lift SDT. 

We don’t have many double lift trials, we need more. Glen Devon is one of them and a very good one. Good sheep and good field. Judge I.Lochart. 1.N.Gillon/Bhoy 131 2.M.Magnusson/Davey 129 3.A.Carnegie/Rook 121 4.R.Hutchington/Sweep 119 5.S.Gallagher/Kane 118 6.r.Hutchington/Jock 118


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Glen Lyon Hill SDT. 

A very nice hill trial set up by Steven Martin. All trials up there are good, good sheep, good catering, very nice atmosphere.  R.McDiarmid was judging.  And the winner was    1.L.Magnusson/Kate 96 2.A.McKenzie/Boy 95 3.S.Martin/Rob 95 4.M.Magnusson/Moss 94 5.A.McDiarmid/Rex … Continue reading

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