Gairloch SDT

Saturday 18 aug

As usual a very good trial. The weather was terrible, so the cheviot sheep wasn’t so keen to work together with the dogs.


Both Davey and Moss handled them well. This is the third year in a raw we win this trial. Lotta won it two years ago, Jim and me last year and Davey this year.


I special like the whisky bottle every competitor get, with the last years winner on.

Judge J.McRae.
1.M.Magnusson/Davey 92
2.M.Magnusson/Moss 92
3.M.Murray/Jim 87
4.J.McGee/Silver 84
5.M.Murray/Gael 82
6.J.McKillop/Joe 81
7.S.Renwick/Rockie 78
8.S.Cropper/Danny 78
9.H.Monroe/? 78
10.T.Long/Ben 78

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