Scottish National 2015

Sheep was tricky, dif flocks every day. Cross ewe the first day, running hard and not easy at all, only two went thru to the team. Moss run really well to the pen there one ewe did  him and I ret. Net gripped at the pen. Second day, cheviot ewes, good on the course but still dif at close work, six went thru to the team. Third day, cross ewe again, ok on the course, still dif in close work. Kate didn’t run as well as she have done the latest weeks, so not good enough for her. Davey run well, one dif ewe but he handled her well, pilot error at the cross drive gate and I missed it, but a good finish saved us and we ended up on a 10th place and made the team for the fifth time in a raw. Davey have now made the team four times, he’s doing well for me.


Big congrats to Scottish national champ John McKillop with Joe. Congrats to Scottish national brace champion Peter Martin. Also congrats to his son Steven Martin as runner up in the brace and now he have to keep that “bastard” for some time. Well done all other how made the team. 

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