Glenlyon SDT

As usual a very nice trial at Glenlyon. We run on four blackis and the sheep was generally good.
Judge D Galbraith
1.I.Brownlie/Mo 87
2.S.Davidson/Queen 86
3.M.Magnusson/Moss 85
4.D.Robertson/Mot 82
5.K.Howlet/Fly? 82
6.P.Martin/Jill 82

I run two Nurserydogs, Skid a son of Jim, he had a very good OLF, little prob on the drive with two sheep wanting to run away all the time, he handled them well, pleased with him. Tom, a son of K Evans Moss, run very well, he had 75 p after the pen and I walked of before the shed,
Lotta run Bell, eleven month old, she run very well, nice all around the course, she will be ready for the nursery.

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