Tigh’na Blair nursery.

The first nursery for the year. Not a splendid weekend for us. But a good trial with tricky Blackis. 

Judge Colin Armstrong. 

1.P.Martin/cashlie 92

2.J.McDougle/Cap 84

3.J.Hastie/Bear 80

4.M.Magnusson/Skid 80

5.A.Carnegie/Bess 79

6.A.Carnegie/Nap 78

7.M.Caul/Fred 78

8.L.Magnusson/Bel 75

9.M.Magnusson/Tom 74

10.K.Howlet/Tess 71



1.J.Campbell/Moss 58

2.A.Olofsson/Bess 58

3.M.Lundin/Sture 50

Next trial Saturday 21 Nov Cashlie. 

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