Balintore nursery. 

Alan Wilkies nursery trial was on very good sheep. The course was big.

We run our young dogs, Alf and his sister Bel, only thirteen month old, an both of them run well.

Bel was 5th on 84 p without a shed. Alf was second on 92 p.


1.A.Carnegie/Nap 98

2.M.Magnusson/Alf 92

3.A.Carnegie/Bess 88

4.J.McDougall/Cap 86

5.L.Magnusson/Bel 84

6.M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 82

7.A.Olofsson/Bess 78

8.A.McKenzie/Maid 78

9.E.Nilsson/Frej 74

10.J.Hastie/Bear 72


Lotta and Bel.


1.A.Olofsson/Bess 78

2.E.Nilsson/Frej 74

3.W.Wright/Logan 66

The Central Team after 3 trials.

J.McDougall/Cap 26

M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 15

A.Carnegie/Nap 14.5

A.Carnegie/Bess 14

M.Magnusson/Alf 12

Reserv M.Caul/Fred 10.5

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