Ardormie Nursery Trial 2

This was the last trial before the Scottish Nursery Final. Because of flooded field, the trial was moved to Ardormie

The easy care hoggs run well if you handled them well.

Judge Niel McVicar.

1.M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 92

2.L.Magnusson/Bel 87

3.P.Martin/Cashlie 87

4.I.Brownlie/Tib 85

5.A.Carnegie/Bess 83

6.M.Magnusson/Alf 78

7.J.Hastie/Bear 76

8.C.Maitland Gardiner/Nell 76


10.E.Nilsson/Frej 71


The Central Team for the final

Teamcaptain Mosse with Parkfarm Tom

John Mcdougall with Cap

Peter Martin with Cashlie

Lotta with Bel

Andy Carnegie with Bess

Reserv is Mosse with Alf


Central Nursery Champion Parkfarm Tom.


Novice Champion Elinor Nilsson with Frej


Three happy girls from Sweden. Annette, Elinor and Matilda.



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