Scottish Nursery Final

This years nursery final was held by the central team at Easter Auquhollie Stonehaven. 

Steven Alexander and his team had made a great job to prepare the sheep. 

Judge Michael Davidson 

1. Nursery Champion Ian Fergie with King 95

2. Runner up Mosse Magnusson with Parkfarm Tom 93

3. Julie Hill/Sid 92

4. S. McCrindle/Kate 91

5. A. Aitchison/Beth 90

6. S. Davidson/Hope 89

7. J. Foster/Freebirch Gwen 89

8. J. Hill/Molly 89

9. J. McKillop/Straid Sam 88

10. G. Simpson/Roy 88

Ian Fergie with his trophy in the middle. Julie hill and judge Michael Davidson to the left. Me and Kåre Maröy from Norway to the right. 

Me and Andy. And the satnav tomtom. 

Runnerup nursey champion Parkfarm Tom. 

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