Aboyne SDT

Sunday 19 july

The sheep was really, really tricky at Aboyne. There is a shut and they didn’t like that at all

We run all our four dogs earlier in the morning and then off to Wales for Champion of Champion.

Moss run well and had his second runner up place this weekend.

Judge A.Simson

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Gairloch SDT

Saturday 18 aug

As usual a very good trial. The weather was terrible, so the cheviot sheep wasn’t so keen to work together with the dogs.


Both Davey and Moss handled them well. This is the third year in a raw we win this trial. Lotta won it two years ago, Jim and me last year and Davey this year.


I special like the whisky bottle every competitor get, with the last years winner on.

Judge J.McRae.
1.M.Magnusson/Davey 92
2.M.Magnusson/Moss 92
3.M.Murray/Jim 87
4.J.McGee/Silver 84
5.M.Murray/Gael 82
6.J.McKillop/Joe 81
7.S.Renwick/Rockie 78
8.S.Cropper/Danny 78
9.H.Monroe/? 78
10.T.Long/Ben 78

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Airtnoch SDT 

John Templetons sheepdogtrial.

Good sheep if you handled them careful. 

Judge W.Cook

1.W.Welsh/Sam 95

2.S.Davidson/Queen 94

3.A.Mundell/Taff 93

4.M.Magnusson/Davey 91

5.A.Kennedy/Mirk 91

6.M.Magnusson/Moss 89

7.N.Gillon/Sweep 88

8.L.Magnusson/Kiz 87

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Blairgowrie SDT.

Blairgowrie SDT 

Judge A.Cameron

1.S.Davidson/Queen 96

2.J.Welsh/Cree 94

3.L.Magnusson/Kate 94

4.N.Campbell/Cass 93

5.S.McFarlane/Blake 93

6.J.Hastie/Cree 93

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Glen Devon double lift SDT. 

We don’t have many double lift trials, we need more. Glen Devon is one of them and a very good one. Good sheep and good field.

Judge I.Lochart.

1.N.Gillon/Bhoy 131

2.M.Magnusson/Davey 129

3.A.Carnegie/Rook 121

4.R.Hutchington/Sweep 119

5.S.Gallagher/Kane 118

6.r.Hutchington/Jock 118

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Glen Lyon Hill SDT. 

A very nice hill trial set up by Steven Martin. All trials up there are good, good sheep, good catering, very nice atmosphere. 

R.McDiarmid was judging. 

And the winner was


1.L.Magnusson/Kate 96

2.A.McKenzie/Boy 95

3.S.Martin/Rob 95

4.M.Magnusson/Moss 94

5.A.McDiarmid/Rex 94

6.A.Carnegie/Tess 94

Next trials are Kinross double lift on Saturday and Blairgowrie on Sunday. 

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Kinross SDT.

Neil Campbell with his team did a very good job with this trial.
Big course, 460 m outrun, 450 m drive, the blackie hoggs was very tricky but was the same the hole day.

Judge T.Welsh
1. I. Lockhart/Roy 87
2. M. Magnusson/Davey 86
3. N. Gillon/Boy 81
4. M. Magnusson/Moss 73
5. N. Gillon/Sweep 66
6. J. Mckenzie/Tweedie 66



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Great Glen SDT.

We was at Kinross, so we wasen’t at Great Glen.
Sheep was very good.
Nearly all top 6 come in the afternoon, when the sheep was on the course for the third time.
Judge H. Munro
1. J. Main/Roy 95
2. A. MaCuish/94
3. M. McNally/? 93
4. H. MacLean/Roy 93
5. J. McKillop/ Joe 92
6. P. Martin/Jill 92

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Cashlie SDT

Cashlie SDT 4 of April 2015
As always a very nice trial, with four cheviot hogs and a very tricky cross drive gate!!!


1.I.Brownlie/Mo 88
2.J.Cashey/? 87
3.I.Brownlie/Gus 86
4.J.Mains/? 85
5.M.Magnusson/Moss 82
6.S.Martin/Lexi 80


Ian Brownlie with Supreme Champ Gus.


Lottas shed with Kate.

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Serges Nursery

Kevin Evans European Nursery Champion.


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