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Cashlie 6 april 2013. Judge K Freeman Results: 1.P.Martin/? 87 2.I.Brownlie/Gus 86 3.L.Magnusson/Kate 85 4.M.Caul/? 82 5.A.Watson/Jake 82 6.S.Grant/? 79 Lottas nurserybitch Kate (Mel-Davey) took her first points for the National, she run really well. Jim and Nell work well … Continue reading


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Invergarry SDT was hold the 30 march. It’s a very nice trial we visit every year. Judge. H Munroe. Results: 1.B.Strachan/? 97 2.S.Davidson/Queen  94 3.E.McKinnon/Mitch 93 4.J.McLaughlan/Bill 92 5.J.Main/Roy 91 6.A.Carnegie/Chip 91 Net had a very good run up to … Continue reading

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