Kinross double lift. 

Nice to have a double lift. Neil Campbell put up a very nice trial, not very big, but tricky for the dogs.

Lotta had a very good run and was well in front of everyone up to the pen. A bad pen put her down to third place. 

Result. Steven won again 🙈🙈🙈

Annette start to do really well, a quick learner. 

Lottas sheed coming. 

Davey waiting for his run. 

What are they smiling at ????

From the outlet. Moss and me set out sheep. 

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Glen Devon SDT.

Alan Sims Glen Devon trial was on four mule hoggs, you needed to be careful with them. To much dog, they was running wild, to little dog, they was running wild. So preassure on them all time, but gently.

Davey Did a good run again and wonn the trial. Moss run ok in the morning, ended up at seventh place. Kate is little to much just now, after pups and lambing. Bel run ok, but a little to young for this type if sheep, but she will be a very good bitch. Annette run Net, OK, but need more time together. She also run Pete, run ok till the drive gate, after that a little too waive, need more time together.

Judge John Allan.

1. M.Magnusson/Davey 94

2.N.Campbell/Cass 88

3.J.Menzies/Jess 87

4.M.McTeir/Bob 86

5.R.Henderson/Nude 86

6.K.Donald/Chalk 85

7.M.Magnusson/Moss 84

8.A.Carnegie/Jess 82

9.I.Brownlie/Gus 81

10.M.Watt/Bob 80.

Next weekend, Glen Lyon Hill Trial.

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Cashlie sdt

very nice trial as usual   Good testing sheep 

judge d campbell

1.n.campbell/cass 93

2.s.martin/lexi 92

3.k. Howlett/Tess 90

4.h.mclean/Roy 89


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Scottish Nursery Final

This years nursery final was held by the central team at Easter Auquhollie Stonehaven. 

Steven Alexander and his team had made a great job to prepare the sheep. 

Judge Michael Davidson 

1. Nursery Champion Ian Fergie with King 95

2. Runner up Mosse Magnusson with Parkfarm Tom 93

3. Julie Hill/Sid 92

4. S. McCrindle/Kate 91

5. A. Aitchison/Beth 90

6. S. Davidson/Hope 89

7. J. Foster/Freebirch Gwen 89

8. J. Hill/Molly 89

9. J. McKillop/Straid Sam 88

10. G. Simpson/Roy 88

Ian Fergie with his trophy in the middle. Julie hill and judge Michael Davidson to the left. Me and Kåre Maröy from Norway to the right. 

Me and Andy. And the satnav tomtom. 

Runnerup nursey champion Parkfarm Tom. 

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Ardormie Nursery Trial 2

This was the last trial before the Scottish Nursery Final. Because of flooded field, the trial was moved to Ardormie

The easy care hoggs run well if you handled them well.

Judge Niel McVicar.

1.M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 92

2.L.Magnusson/Bel 87

3.P.Martin/Cashlie 87

4.I.Brownlie/Tib 85

5.A.Carnegie/Bess 83

6.M.Magnusson/Alf 78

7.J.Hastie/Bear 76

8.C.Maitland Gardiner/Nell 76


10.E.Nilsson/Frej 71


The Central Team for the final

Teamcaptain Mosse with Parkfarm Tom

John Mcdougall with Cap

Peter Martin with Cashlie

Lotta with Bel

Andy Carnegie with Bess

Reserv is Mosse with Alf


Central Nursery Champion Parkfarm Tom.


Novice Champion Elinor Nilsson with Frej


Three happy girls from Sweden. Annette, Elinor and Matilda.



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New Ardormie trial. 

We have been asked to hold another nursery trial at Ardormie. 

So here is the trial field for tomorrow. 

And the field from the top. 

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Baleave nursery trial.

Dave Mullands nursery trial is on heavy cross hoggs, not easy at all.

Judge N. Campbell.

1. M. Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 96

2. P. Martin/Cashlie 82

3. A. Carnegie/Nap 80

4. A. Carnegie/Bess 79

5. M.Magnusson/Alf 69

6. J. McDougall/Cap 69

7. L. Magnusson/Bel 61

8. A. Olofsson/Bess 58

9. A. McKenzie/Maid 51

10. M. Caul/Fred 50

The Team after 6 trials.

M. Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 42.5

J. McDougall/Cap 37.5

A. Carnegie/Bess 28

A. Carnegie/Nap 27.5

P. Martin/Cashlie 27.5

Reserv L.Magnusson/Bel 25.5


1. J. Campbell/Moss 65

2. A. Olofsson/Bess 58

3. M. Lundin/Sture 35



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Ardormie nursery trial. 

This years nursery trial was a good one. Good weather and sheep behaved ok.

Kenny Brehmer was judging.

1.M.Caul/Fred 88

2.M.Magnusson/ Parkfarm Tom 88

3.I.Brownlie/Tib 84

4.A.McKenzie/Maid 84

5.P.Martin/Cashlie 83

6.A.Carnegie/Nap 82

7.K.Hawlet/Tess 79

8.L.Magnusson/Bel 79

9.A.Carnegie/Bess 78

10.J.Hastie/Bear 77

The Team after 5/8 trials.

M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 32,5

J.McDougall/Cap 32

M.Caul/Fred 24

L.Magnusson/Bel 21,5

A.Carnegie/Bess 21

First reserv

A.Carnegie/Nap 19,5

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Caldees nursery trial. 

Caldees nursery trial in cold and lovely weather. We run on texel cross hoggs, they was good if you was careful with them.

Judge Allan McKenzie

1.I.Brownlie/Tib 90

2.L.Magnusson/Bel 85

3.M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 76

4.M.Magnusson/Alf 73

5.J.McDougall/Chip 71

6.A.Carnegie/Bess 58

7.M.Coul/Fred 57

8.P.Martin/Cashlie 54

9.E.Niksson/Frej 54

10.K.Howlet/ ? 51

  The team after 4/8 trials. 

J.McDougall/Chip 32

M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 23

A.Carnegie/Bess 19

M.Magnusson/Alf 19

L.Magnusson/Bel 18

The top three. 

Andy was a little pissed Of because I didn’t have a picture of him when he won the trial at Alan’s place, so her it comes. 

Our own mr Andy Carnegie. 


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Balintore nursery. 

Alan Wilkies nursery trial was on very good sheep. The course was big.

We run our young dogs, Alf and his sister Bel, only thirteen month old, an both of them run well.

Bel was 5th on 84 p without a shed. Alf was second on 92 p.


1.A.Carnegie/Nap 98

2.M.Magnusson/Alf 92

3.A.Carnegie/Bess 88

4.J.McDougall/Cap 86

5.L.Magnusson/Bel 84

6.M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 82

7.A.Olofsson/Bess 78

8.A.McKenzie/Maid 78

9.E.Nilsson/Frej 74

10.J.Hastie/Bear 72


Lotta and Bel.


1.A.Olofsson/Bess 78

2.E.Nilsson/Frej 74

3.W.Wright/Logan 66

The Central Team after 3 trials.

J.McDougall/Cap 26

M.Magnusson/Parkfarm Tom 15

A.Carnegie/Nap 14.5

A.Carnegie/Bess 14

M.Magnusson/Alf 12

Reserv M.Caul/Fred 10.5

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