1th nursey.

Our first nursery for this year was held at Jimmy Menzies farm in Dunkeld.
The sheep was texel cross and really good, very heavy and the biggets problem was to get à good shed on them.
It was nearly like Swedish sheep.

Judge was David Wallace.
1. J. Hastie/Cree 96
2. M. Magnusson/Moss 95
3. À. Carnegie/Jess 94
4. P. Martin/Mo 90
5. L. Magnusson/Tess 87
6. N. Campbell/Jess? 86
7. À. Carnegie/Mitch 84
8 j. Menzies/Flo 84
9. À. Wilkie/Nell 80
10. À. Mckenzie/Bot? 79

Moss and Tess run well, Mirk had 76 without à shed, so he run well also.
Sweep need more experience, time out and was à little disturbed off beting awaybfrom home.

Next trial is next saturday at Andy Carnegies farm.

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