Andy “The winner of the day”

Todays trial was held at a new spot in Crief. It was a very good field, the sheep haven’t been dogged very much, was tricky to handle, but over all they behaved well.


Todays Judge A Simson.

1.A.Carnegie/Tess 92
2.S.Alexander/Fly 92
3.D.Kinloch/Nell 91
4.P.Martin/Jen 82
5.I.Brownlie/Spike 80
6.L.Magnusson/Kate 79
7.A.Wright/Roy 75
8.D.Galbraith/Mirk 71
9.M.Magnusson/Nell 70
10.A.Fyhr/Lass 66


Kate shedding.

The Team after 6 trials.

1.P.Martin/Jen 52
2.I.Brownlie/Spike 43.5
3.D.Kinloch/Nell 31.5
4.D.Galbraith/Mirk 28
5.S.Alexander/Fly 24.5
6.Lotta/Mosse-Kate/Nell 23



Next trial tomorrow 10 feb at Dave Mullens. Kinross.

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